We extend a sincere thank you to our many major donors, both past and present.
After 15 years, your investment in the Lodi Public Library is paying off.
Finally, our dream of a refreshed, rejuvenated, renovated library is a reality.
We cannot begin to express the appreciation we have for your unwavering support.

The following list contains donations of $50 or more made between 9/1/2014 and 5/31/2015.

Alderson, Bradley and Sandra
Baffoni, Biff and Delores
Bahnsen, John and Mona
Bange, Janet
Barkley, Joanne
Bernadotti, Shirley
Berreth, Janet
Betts, Elizabeth
Bilawski, Karen F.
Blair, Alex and Monika
Blevins, Paige
Bonadurer, C. L.
Braden, Ron and Anne
Bravo, Raymond and Nancy
Bunnell, Dee
Burlington, Bruce and Norma
Carey, Nancy
Casey, Caitlin and Ponick, Louis
Churchill, Bill and Audrey
Cima, Michael
Clauson, Tamara L.
Coe, Lyle and Sheree
Colla, Corey and Brenda
Conway, Sonja
Cortopassi Family Foundation
Dart Container Corporation
Donovan, Joanne
Dorothy Platt Trust
Doucette, Tom
Downs, Marjorie O.
Drummond, Darrell
Dunn, Jack and Sheila
During, Kent and Connie
Eachus, Betty
Farley, Arlene
Field, Marilyn E.
Finch, James
Fodor, Alexander and Julie
Forbes, Ronald and Elise
Fore, Millard and Norma
Fortier, Janet
French, Phil and Maija
Friends of the Lodi Public Library
Garcia, Frank and Marilyn
Gerard-Platt, Sarah
Green, Nanette
Gross, Bob and Helen
Hamner, Gene and Becky
Herskovic, Phil
Hinchman, Dave and Catherine
Hoegerman, Shirley
Hugo, Jerry and Rilette
Ishii, Roy & Gayle
Joseph, Joanne
King, Dr. and Mrs. Norman
Knight, Kathy
Kooger, Frankie and Kristi
Law Offices of Kroloff, Belcher,
Smart, Perry & Christopherson
Lachendro, Audrey
Larkin, Mary
Lee, Curtis
Lee, Philip and Lili
Liden, Lyle and Lauren
Lind, Jenny
Lockeford Chiropractic Office
Lodi Sunrise Rotary Club
Maas, Dorothy
Martin, Peter and Charlene
Mataga, Yosh and Arleen
McNeilly, Janice
Meehleis, William and Carolyn
Mettler, Barbara L.
Merriam, Marshal
Mogel, Greg
Nakashima, Joan
Native Daughters Golden West,
Zinfandel Parlor 337
Neuburger, Jerry and Jeanette
Newton, Tom
Omega Nu Sorority, Alpha Delta
Paulsen, Fred and Margie
Peabody, Derril and Linda
Peck, James and Barbara
PG&E (YourCause Program)
Piazza, Terry
Potts, Nancy
Primasing, John and June
Radavero, Virginia
Rantz, Tony and JoAnne
Rao, Dr. Rama and Radhika
Rao, Meera
Rebeles-Carrillo, Fidel
Reynolds, Rex
Robison, Glenn and Patricia
Rohles, Susan
Sackett, Gail
Sanchez, Thomas A .
(Waste Management)
Sattler, Dennis and Linda
Save Mart Supermarkets
Shrago, Gary
Simonds, Sally
Smith, Scott and Jill
Sood, Ajay
Thompson, Jeffrey and Julie
Tillinghast, Jon and Judy
Vinewood Community Church
Waldo, Ruth
Weybret, Marty and Christi
Withers, Judy
Woods, Wayne D.
XSIS Design